Before Feastdays …be prepared for everything…

On Feastdays the enemy always tries to
cause unpleasantness and sorrow . . . and the more attentive and
strict you are with yourself, the more the enemy arms himself, and
tries to treat you with something, especially on Feastdays. One must
expect and be prepared for everything. But the Lord is merciful and
on Feastdays He also distributes gifts! And you can receive
something, but you notice it forty years later, perhaps. Then you
realize what kind of gift the Lord sent you on that Feastday.
St. Barsanuphios of Optina (+1911)

Boy, isn’t that the truth… Notice the bit about “forty years later”.

One thought on “Before Feastdays …be prepared for everything…

  1. Amen Matushka, I remember Michael's first Easter when he was just a few weeks old.. he managed to squirm out his daddy's arms who was lunging for his brother at the same time, and tumble down, hit the church kneeler, then the church floor while we were waiting for Easter Mass to start.

    We ended up in the ER of a pediatric specialized hospital.

    He had his first cat scan.. and I have prayed as I have not yet prayed on Easter. Then.. when we found out our little boy was fine.. it was a resurrection moment that is indescribable. But it was a gift towards every coming Easter too. No matter how frazzled you get with things or trying to get the children dressed or anything.. there is always the memory of how GOOD God is.


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