Silk-Dyed Eggs [Updated]

This gives new meaning to the phrase “tie-died”. I found this tutorial on Pinterest and decided I had to try it. Well, I hit the thrift store this morning and grabbed some silk ties and did all the cutting while supervising homeschool this afternoon. The girls and I did up the eggs and they’re on the stove boiling right now. We’re all excited to see how they turn out. I’m going out on a limb and posting this now with a promise to post photos of the results, whatever they may be. Apparently if there is anything funny in the tie ingredients the dye may not transfer well, so I guess we’ll just have to see.

(from Mommy Knows)

It worked! I’m a believer. We followed the directions exactly the way they were described (except we didn’t do as good a job wrapping them with string) and here are the results:

13 thoughts on “Silk-Dyed Eggs [Updated]

  1. Oh, we're not planning on eating them. (: I have them out on the table for display. Because they've been out at room temperature they'd make us sick even ignoring the effect of the dyes. I WILL be interested to see if it penetrated the shell to the egg itself but I haven't checked yet. I personally wouldn't recommend eating them unless you can find somewhere where someone has checked and found it ok. I suspect ties are not dyed with food-safe dyes. (:


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