More skirts

 Every girl has two new skirts now. I can take my time and have fun with the next ones. I let them choose the fabrics and styles for the skirts they have now (except for Ribby’s first skirt – I’ll get to that later) and I’m going to please myself with the next round. It’s fun having this much fabric to play with.

I already did a post on the first skirt I made for Duchess. Here is her second one:

It’s a very simple skirt – the typical rectangle sewn into a cylinder and gathered with elastic in a casing at the top. The only slightly different thing I did was make some large bias tape out of yellow gingham instead of hemming. She wanted a wider swath at the bottom but I persuaded her to accept a narrower one because she was already pushing it with two plaids. (:

Ribby’s second skirt is exactly like the one above except for the different fabric and the wider stripe at the bottom (a few inches wide).

One thing I did (once I remembered to) was to double stitch the side seams to both prevent fraying and to encourage the seam to stay flat. It makes it look neater.

Flopsy’s first skirt (I never posted on it) is here. It’s the same pattern but it has a ruffle at the bottom. I cut the ruffle twice as long as the skirt to give it fullness. She’s a ruffly sort of girl. (I know it needs ironing…try to ignore that part…)

Her second skirt: Have you noticed that none of my daughters shy away from color and pattern mixes? I did prevent a few serious clashes but I like their choices overall. This skirt had the widest facing at the bottom out of all of them.

Again, I made it just like the others such that the material was essentially turned into gigantic bias tape so I didn’t have to do any hemming or facing. 

Tomorrow I’ll post on Ribby’s first skirt. I’ll also get a photo of the girls actually wearing their skirts.

3 thoughts on “More skirts

  1. These are great! I love the ruffle. Toddler skirts are all so short these days, and my 4 yo can't sit so that she doesn't show off her panties, so I'm thinking I may need to make some of these for her. Great idea!


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