Laundry room / Mud room

We live in a small house and I don’t have a laundry room. Considering the amount of laundry we generate this is no small issue. What I do have is a stacked washer and dryer by the back door. The trick was storing the laundry essentials so that they were both convenient and not visible (detergents and stain removers are not usually ornamental).

As you can see, there is no room to either side of the washer/dryer. That’s the back door and immediately to the left is the door to the girls’ room.

Here’s a long view of the whole area. The door on the right goes to the boys’ room but we blocked it off. They didn’t need two doors and people tended to use their room as a pass-through (which they, understandably, didn’t like). The bookcase on the left holds cookbooks, plastic cups and plates and overflow children’s books. I tried to dignify the area by adding a berber runner which also has the effect of defining the hall. [As a bonus, it catches dirt that the door mats, indoor and out, didn’t catch before it can be tracked through the house.]

The view from the back door looking down the hall into the kitchen. There’s not much “hall”. 

So many things need storing by the back door. Umbrellas, for instance. I corral them in a decrepit old laundry basket. Flip flops live there in season. The toy bench we picked up at a church garage sale several years ago. When we were rearranging the boys’ room I decided it was just what I needed by the back door.

It makes a convenient rest for the laundry basket between loads.

And inside it holds detergent, dryer sheets, stain removers, etc. It also holds the birdseed.

Here are the clothes pins and a small trash can to hold lint and old dryer sheets (I always tear them in half.)

The little shelves were already there, built in. I hung the key rack there so we won’t chase keys around the house. The little flower pot holds spare change from the dryer – handy for grabbing on the way to church for candle money. The shelf below is a perfect rest for my purse.

What I haven’t figured out is what to do with all the coats in the winter…

6 thoughts on “Laundry room / Mud room

  1. It looks great!! We don't have a great area either and I'm hoping to post pictures of our hallway/mudroom too after we correct a design disaster. I think a rail of hooks above the bench would be great for in-season coats.


  2. Carlyn, when we were at seminary we had our W/D in the kitchen too. There were no counters whatsoever. There was an old-fashioned sink with drainboard (and a wretched cabinet underneath that I refused to use), the refrigerator was on one small wall to the left of the sink. Between the sink and the stove was the top-loading washer which I used as a counter and a place to stack dishes. On the opposite wall from the sink/washer/stove was the dryer. We put a small table next to it and a tiny cupboard in the corner so we would have some pantry space. That was it. There was about an inch space between the bottom of the back door and the sill so we used to put a rug against the gap and put our canned drink boxes against that. We always had chilled drinks in the winter (the floor wasn't insulated either). Happy times!


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