I can hear!!!

[Update below]

Big day today! Going to be fitted for hearing aids!!

I don’t know how long it takes for them to come back to the store and for me to go down and have them adjusted, but it will be so nice to be able to hear again!

Update: I have them!! I was able to be fitted for them right then and get them programed. Amazing! When I took them off after they’d been programed it sounded like someone had put two soft pillows over my ears. That’s what I was hearing all the time. I can hardly feel them in and it doesn’t feel like my ears are “stopped up”.

Some things I’ve realized:
I can hear my own footsteps.
This keyboard is LOUD. Like REALLY LOUD.
I speak a lot more clearly than I was thinking I did.
My children miraculously stopped mumbling today. I can stop reading lips.
We can watch movies with the closed caption off!!

11 thoughts on “I can hear!!!

  1. I wonder if you will do with your hearing aids the equivalent action of what I did when I first got glasses: look into the distance with glasses on, then pull them off and look again, comparing the views.

    Hopefully you won't have to wait long to get them back.

    (another) Elizabeth


  2. My middle brother is hard of hearing (meningitis at 18 months caused his hearing loss) and because of him I have to have the captions on. all. the. time.

    Drives my family NUTS! My lip reading could be better but I like my captions on thank you very much. Annoys me greatly when tv shows and dvds DON'T have captions available. (Not cool in my book!)


  3. I’m glad that you were able to find a good hearing aid that has finally solved your problem and improved your way of living. I’m sure you can now enjoy your life. Live, enjoy life, and take in everything you can!


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