"Flower" Sifter Arrangement

I have used vintage flour sifters for all sorts of things. They make great baby toys…

But I admit I’ve never used one for a flower arrangement. Until now.

How to make a vintage flour sifter flower arrangement:

Gather materials:

  • vintage flour sifter
  • oasis foam (not desert foam)
  • two sandwich bags
  • knife 
  • scissors
  • flowers (duh!)

Cut the zip-tops off the sandwich bags if you have those sort.

Slice two pieces of foam small enough to fit on either side of the center bar in the sifter. Don’t worry about perfection – no one will see this part.

Slide the foam into the bags and slip one on either side of the center bar. For best results turn the sifter so one of the four “hoops” is centered at the top.

Fold the inner edge of one bag over the inner edge of the other and tuck in. This will keep the water from winding up in the middle (and on the floor). Slowly add water to each side. Make sure the foam is saturated and there is about an inch of standing water in each bag.


Start inserting flowers. Be careful not to poke the stems through the bags. (Ask me how I know.) The wisteria is in bloom around these parts and it smells heavenly. I picked a lot before we left church today.

See? I really like how trailing flowers work in the sifter.

And the other side. (Love the handle.)

I added some other flowers for height.

Finished! It looks really nice on the mantle where you can see the wisteria trailing to great effect.

3 thoughts on “"Flower" Sifter Arrangement

  1. I love those blue flowers with three petals – my meadow, er, backyard is full of them. Always hate when the yard man comes and cuts them all down. That was really pretty.


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