Storm clouds moving away

No more will you need to skip over “storm stories” with a grimace. No more the obligatory comments on “how can you delight in destruction?” No more confusion.

I am moving the whole kit and caboodle to a new blog, “The Siren’s Call: everyone else runs for shelter, I’m on the porch.” I will be moving back posts about storms from PWMF to that blog but it is in reality a new blog, not just a shelter for scorned weather-related posts. I plan on thoroughly enjoying it!

If you are also bitten by the weather bug feel free to join me there.

2 thoughts on “Storm clouds moving away

  1. I'm not bitten by the weather bug, at least not like you are, but I got a kick out of reading your storm posts. We don't get much in the way of storms here in Northern CA so it's fun to hear about them, I'll miss them here and will try to remember to check them out on your new blog!


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