Pinterest question

If you haven’t noticed I have gone off the deep end and actually joined Pinterest. I will try to maintain a normal life anyway! I’m still figuring this out and have a question. Is it considered gauche or kosher to pin something of your own? I’ve seen some things that I think were done by the people who pinned them, but I’m not sure. Is there a reason to do it? Any other advice?

10 thoughts on “Pinterest question

  1. ooh – I have an answer. I think its considered uncouth to pin yourself merely for self-promotion – although I still see people do it all the time.

    However, there are also plenty of good reasons to pin yourself, as long as you don't go crazy: sharing an idea, creating a board around a photo of your own, bookmarking a list of ideas that might include something of your own… etc.

    Anyway, I think anything you might pin would be okay. 🙂


  2. I know what you mean! The first time I pinned something of my own I felt so self conscious. However, any article on growing your blog suggests to do it. I have seen other bloggers do it to. I think it is fine as long as you pin select things. I just made a special board for my blog to make it more obvious that I was doing it for practical reasons/sharing helpful things- not that I was in love with myself. Haha.


  3. Well, I thought I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about putting a button or something on your blog or on your blog posts for easy pinning. I thought that might look a bit presumptuous. What do you think?


  4. I wouldn't think it was gauche to have a button on your blog, I'd love it. I agree that if it's all about getting someone to buy your product type self promotion it's not so great, but I know I wouldn't think twice about seeing it on YOUR blog!


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