Abacus versus Computer

Advantages of the Abacus over the Computer

  • The abacus isn’t obsolete three
    days after you buy it.
abacus convo


  •  People can’t steal information
    from your hard drive.
  • You can’t fritter away your
    afternoon playing solitaire or minesweeper.
  • Facebook isn’t so much a hit.
    It’s much safer for your kids to
    play on.
  • You can take (in theory) an abacus
    through the metal detector at an airport.*
  • People think you’re smart. Any
    idiot can use a computer.
  • The abacus floats in a flood.
  • If you want to resell it, simply
    move all the beads to the left to zero out your hard drive.
  • There are no “abacus viruses”.
  • In a pinch you can make your own
    abacus. In less than a decade.
  • You will never be subjected to
    “abacus chain mail.”
  • The cost of ink cartridges doesn’t
    factor into your buying decisions.
  • You can use the abacus in a power
  • Y2K was a non-issue.

Disadvantages of the Abacus over the Computer

  • Internet connections are a lot
  • You can’t fritter away your
    afternoon playing solitaire or minesweeper.
  • Not much memory.
  • There’s no abacus help desk.
  • No one has figured out how to
    download music yet.
  • It’s hard to watch DVDs on your

Things that are just the same

  • If you drop it, you probably lost
    all your work.
  • There’s still a learning curve.
  • Somebody else will always have a
    newer or more impressive one than you have.
  • Your kids will still figure it
    out faster.

    (A collaborative effort by Father and Matushka)

    *In ancient times, the beads were not strung on metal wires.

7 thoughts on “Abacus versus Computer

  1. “An abacus floats in a flood.” File that in the I-did-not-know-that category; see also the potentially-useful file.

    You two must share a similar sense of humor. What a wonderful complementarity in marriage. Forget British humor – it's nothing compared to the Southern variety.

    Looking forward to your next collaboration.

    (another) Elizabeth


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