Music Monday: By the Waters of Babylon (Ps. 136)

(This is the setting I’m accustomed to.) We sang it for the first time yesterday, the Sunday of the Prodigal Son.

“How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”

As exiles from Paradise we are living in a strange land. This year I really do feel like I’m having trouble singing in a strange land. It’s as if I were living in Paradise before my sons died. Now I’m acutely aware that while they are in Paradise, I am not. It’s dreadfully hard to sing when I am apart from them. Pascha, the reunion with Paradise, is what we are moving toward during Lent. Our entire life is a Lenten struggle, hopefully culminating in the entry into eternal Pascha, Paradise.

Nice posts about this:

Fr. Stephen (Glory to God for All Things)
Homily by Met. Anthony of Sourozh (+2003)

PDF of music (in English): Angelfire

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