Repurposing: medicine cups

Alternate uses for medicine cups:

  1. Accumulate them as you buy medicine so when you have several children sick at the same time you don’t have to keep stopping and washing them (not an alternate use, but a good tip).
  2. Use to measure things like vanilla rather than getting out multiple measuring spoons (plus, it doesn’t spill as easily)
  3. Cover with fabric or paper, turn upside down and use for a dollhouse lamp shade.
  4. Use the sharper-edged ones to cut out tiny cookies for doll tea parties.
  5. Put in your “craft box” and let your children decide what to do with them. They will always find something.

Any other uses?

7 thoughts on “Repurposing: medicine cups

  1. Oh my goodness. I thought I was the only one who harbours medicine measuring cups and tries to think up clever uses for them. Now that I have so many. I dole out treats with them, like chocolate chips, so that the container looks really full to the children, which tricks them not at all. I also use them to dole out vitamins in. Never thought of cookies. I found your blog by clicking, “next blog” which I occasionally do just for fun. And this time it was. PM


  2. The most popular “off-label” use in my kitchen is to clutter up the utensil/gadgets drawer.

    I want to remember that tiny cookie cutter idea.

    Is the see-things-in-a-new-light spilling over from the great alphabet hunt? For me, it feels like a day-long game of I Spy: I spy an A, a B, etc. It's fun.

    (another) Elizabeth


  3. Hi, Practicing Mammal (got it perfected yet? (: )! Doling out things like chocolate chips is a good idea.

    Elizabeth, I keep all of my not-in-use medicine cups in a zippered makeup bag in the first-aid basket. They stay clean and I know I can always find one. (Although there are usually a few rattling around the kitchen too.)

    Still working on “F”!


  4. Container for chocolate chips and other little candies? Genius! I have 3 little girls ages 6, 4, and 2, and will definitely be doing this. Thanks for the great tip!


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