Morning Prayers

When I am reading daily prayers there is always something that jumps out at me, something that seems so appropriate to the moment and to what is going on in my life. It does vary, but some phrases jump out most frequently. Here they are (all from Morning Prayers):

From bed and sleep hast Thou raised me up, O Lord; enlighten my mind and heart, and open my lips that I may hymn Thee, O Holy Trinity: Holy, Holy, Holy art Thou, O God; through the Theotokos, have mercy on us.

…and when I was prostrate in despair, Thou hast raised me up to keep the morning watch and glorify Thy power.

May we not be found fallen and idle, but watching, and upright in activity, ready to accompany Him into the joy and divine palace of His glory, where there is the ceaseless sound of those that keep festival, and the unspeakable delight of those that behold the ineffable beauty of Thy countenance.

…and while we were lying in despair upon our beds, Thou hast raised us up that we might glorify Thy dominion.

But whether I desire it or not, save me, O Christ my Savior, forestall me quickly, quickly, for I perish.

Thou art my God from my mother’s womb.

…and deliver me from many and cruel memories and deeds, and free me from all their evil effects.

Save, O Lord, and have mercy on them that hate and wrong me, and make temptation for me, and let them not perish because of me, a sinner.

I am home from Liturgy this morning. Pickles is still sick. I don’t think he has a fever like yesterday (I’m not waking him up right now to check) but his chest is tight and he doesn’t need to go out. I’ll be dropping the other children off and staying home with him. It always feels so odd to miss Liturgy. I know the community of our church is praying and while I can pray too, there is a difference. Solitary prayer is needful, but community prayer is too.

2 thoughts on “Morning Prayers

  1. That's such a perspective check, in that first prayer: “open my lips that I may hymn Thee” – not open my lips that I may complain about the day or at my children, but open my lips for prayer and praise.

    And throughout – that we are raised up to “keep the morning watch and glorify Thy power” and “glorify Thy dominion.”

    OK, Lord, I'm getting it – it's all about You, not me.


    (another) Elizabeth


  2. I love the line “and deliver me from many and cruel memories and deeds, and free me from all their evil effects.” I know that I hang on to things, not necessarily intentionally. There are old pains that come up unexpectedly from time to time. I pray that God can deliver me from these in time.

    I see now that Pickles is still ill. I hope he feels better!


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