29 Day Alphabet Photo Challenge

February is a dull sort of month. I wanted to do a photo challenge but all the lists looked either intrusive, didn’t fit my personality or were a little over the top. Plus, I like being unique. So I made my own.
This photo challenge should be within reach of anyone with a camera. There’s not even a list! On day one you upload a photograph of the letter A, on day two the letter B, etc. Yes, I know there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet but this gives you three days grace. (If you’re using a non-English alphabet you might need those extra few days.) It doesn’t matter if you photograph the cereal box, your license plate or a fortuitous arrangement of twigs. Upload one or many. Leave your link in the comment box so everyone can go see how creative (or exhausted) you were!
Have fun!
Today is brought to you by the letter A.
Starbucks Cocoa Tin

Icon of St. Andrew

“A Child’s Garden of Verse”

Old Alabama License Plate

Nautical Bell by our Back Door
Eiffel Tower
Under the eves
*not necessary to provide captions or backstory unless you just want to

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