Things that Make Me Happy

British Humor: Are You Being Served?, Black Books, Keeping Up Appearances, Jeeves and Wooster, Yes, Minister., Monty Python, Vicar of Dibley, Father Ted

Reading – almost anything (no violence and happy endings preferred)

Being in the same room with Father

Fall days when the wind is blowing, the air is dry, it’s not too cold, not hot and there are dead leaves about

Singing “Christ is Risen!”

Having a child curl up on my lap

Hearing or reading someone say that Innocent and/or Andrew were beautiful

A new book in the mail

Fuzzy pajamas


A perfectly clean kitchen

Cloudy days

Being under a tornado or severe thunderstorm watch

The smell of incense (good incense)

The smell of the beach house

Cicadas on a summer night

Watching airplanes take off and land

My children

Comforting someone else

Letters from friends

Long dresses

Listening to music – classical, liturgical, 80’s, alternative


Looking at old photographs:

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