Translation of the Relics of St. John Chrysostom


memory of this luminary of the Church is celebrated on November 13 and
January 30 but, on this date, the Church celebrates the translation of
his honorable relics from the Armenian village of Comana, where he died in exile, to Constantinople, where earlier he had governed the Church. 


years after his death, Patriarch Proclus delivered a homily in memory
of his spiritual father and teacher. He so enflamed the love of the
people and Emperor Theodosius the Younger toward this great Saint that
all of them desired that Chrysostom’s relics be moved (translated) to Constantinople.
It was said that the sarcophagus, containing the relics of St. John
Chrysostom, did not allow itself to be moved from its resting place
until the Emperor wrote a letter to Chrysostom begging him for
forgiveness (for Theodosius’ mother, Eudoxia, was the culprit
responsible for the banishment of the Saint) and appealing to him to
come to Constantinople, his former residence. 
this letter of repentance was placed on the sarcophagus, the
sarcophagus became extremely light. At the time of the translation of
his relics, many who were ill and who touched the sarcophagus were
the relics arrived in the capital, the Emperor, in the name of his
mother as though she herself were speaking over the relics, again asked
the Saint for forgiveness. “While I lived in this transient life, I did
you malice and, now, when you live the immortal life, be beneficial to
my soul. My glory passed away and it helped nothing. Help me, father; in
your glory, help me before I am condemned at the Judgment of Christ!” 
the Saint was brought into the Church of the Twelve Apostles and placed
on the Patriarchal throne, the masses of people heard the words from
St. Chrysostom’s mouth saying: “Peace be to you all!”  The translation of the relics of St. John Chrysostom was accomplished in the year 438 A.D.

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