Another farewell…

I need to take a break from blogging for a while. This has been a terribly hard year, many ups and downs. It’s not going to be good for me to look at everyone else’s pregnancy and baby news on their blogs either. This hurt is running too deep for words.
I appreciate all of your messages of support. They were and are needed and I am very grateful. I hope you all understand my need for a time of silence. This blog will not go away. At some point I’ll compile all of Andrew’s posts into a page called “Andrew’s Story” to complement the one about his brother.
Hug your children tonight. Call people you love. Thank God for your blessings.
I hope each and every one of you has a blessed Advent and Christmas.
with love,
Mat. Anna

21 thoughts on “Another farewell…

  1. I am glad you are doing what you need to take care of yourself and shelter your battered heart. You will be missed and welcomed back with great joy, when the time becomes right.

    With love and prayers…

    (another) Elizabeth


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with Andrew. Seeing the picture of his resting place and your last few posts. I will pray for your peace and healing and hope to see you back in blogland soon.


  3. Meg, I have been behind on checking blogs and did not know about your loss. I am so sorry! I think what you did for Andrew is beautiful. You are such a good mother here on earth and you will be a wonderful mother to them when you get to heaven as well! You are right that no child replaces another. I pray now that you will be comforted by your other children as you walk through this Christmas. Oh, I had that same nativity set as a child as well… fond memories. Thank God we do not walk this road alone. Emmanuel! Merry Christmas!


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