Top 10 Things I Thought About Today

1. I love Mentholatum. Love it.

2. Washcloths are rougher than handkerchiefs, but you’ll use anything in a pinch.

3. The Hitchhiker’s Guide books weren’t as funny this time around.

4. I hate packing for trips.

5. Naps are a double-edged sword: helpful if you’re exhausted but they leave you groggy and don’t help your nocturnal sleeping pattern.

6. Is it worth it to suffer with only Mentholatum and Tylenol to keep the medication miscarriage risk to zero? Yes it is.

7. You know, I really like some 80’s music.

8. I’d forgotten all about Micky Mouse Disco until Father pulled it up on Youtube. Hahahahaha….

9. I meant to cut my hair, but I’m too tired and feel to bad to care.

10. Twelve weeks tomorrow…

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