She’s not the only thing that’s gaga…

From Occupy Seattle General Assembly:

“Some people using labels, boxes, terms, on bodies and equipment, and telling people how to be or what gender to be. This is part of the system we’re fighting against. We should respect people’s own determination, living, and labeling of their own bodies and parts.” –Lady Gaga

Labeling body parts? So what else do you call an arm? I can tell you one thing, I certainly would never call what’s under her skull a brain. That would be so wrong of me.

(h/t Rod Dreher)

4 thoughts on “She’s not the only thing that’s gaga…

  1. Linguistic anarchy, on the rise. For one person/group to (agitate to) overthrow the established lexicon of a society is an established stage in the terrible slide into disorder.

    Claiming naming rights, or disenfranchising naming rights from the rest, is a bold power move. And it can have far-reaching effects, as the pro-abortion side well knows. According to the Associated Press stylebook, terms like pro-life are not correct; even in a right-to-life, pro-life story like those centered around the annual Roe v. Wade anniversary, the pro-life side does not get to represent/name itself; someone else (liberal AP editors) does, and they call them “anti-choice.”

    So this nutty agitator is dangerously close to the reins of power…Lord have mercy.

    (another) Elizabeth


  2. One other thought: given the power inherent in being able to name things, what an amazing gift God gave Adam in allowing him to name the animals.

    (another) Elizabeth


  3. This business of renaming things is “double-plus-ungood”, to borrow from Orwell. Names matter. And when you've renamed something a few times, the original meaning is lost and using the original name gets you in trouble. Remember the (I think) city council member in TX who flipped out when another city council member compared a budgetary item to a “black hole”? He felt it was racist.


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