4 thoughts on “Think about it…

  1. Fear.

    Even people who are against abortion worry that they won't be able to get IVF treatments, birth control pills… I even read that the Catholic church wouldn't support it (they didn't fight against it either – sounds lukewarm to me…) Pro-life groups called it “too extreme”. I think this is hogwash. How can you be pro-life, sometimes? The measure merely said that a person began when an egg is fertilized. That's when life begins. That's a medical fact, not an opinion. So what people are really saying, is that a human life is not always a person. They said that about blacks once. They said it about Jews once. They'll be saying it about disabled people and those with dementia soon. It's a slippery slope and people are idiots if they think we're not going to be sliding down it.

    Yes, it was disappointing. But 42% of the voters voted for the measure. Despite the negative publicity, fear-mongering, hatred, etc., 42% of voters in Mississippi have their heads on straight. We can still hope and pray and I won't ever stop fighting against abortion.


  2. I will also add, who are the real losers? Not the voters. The real losers are: unborn children and people who support, finance, assist and perform abortions. Is it worth losing your soul? People say, “I'm not sure if it's a human life or a person or not.” Well, borrowing an example from the video, if you have a construction group about to demolish a building and the supervisor says, “I think the people are all out, but I'm not entirely sure,” do you think he's going to blow up the building? No. He will make SURE there is no life in that building before he destroys it. But we have people in this country who KNOWINGLY destroy human life, who watch on an ultrasound screen as babies pull away from the suction catheter as their limbs are ripped off. Who grab hold of the needle that is being inserted into their hearts. They are killing not only the children, but their own souls.


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