Cloth Diapering (and accessories)

I used cloth diapers on Pickles and had planned to use them on Innocent. As you may remember from my previous post I chose AIOs because Father wasn’t entirely sold on them and I wanted them to be as easy to use as disposables. The big problem was the laundry – they’re so hard to wash and dry.

Now that I’m looking forward to another baby in cloth diapers, I’m taking a look at what I have (figuratively – I haven’t gotten diapers down from the attic). I do have lots of prefolds but they’re pretty large. I have the AIOs. I have a couple PUL covers and some Snappies. That’s about it. Thinking about the laundry issues with the AIOs is kind of depressing. I’m actually considering selling most of them on Diaper Swappers or Ebay and then buying smaller prefolds (and maybe some decent flats). I’ll probably keep a couple (most likely the ones that have stains that won’t come out) but I think the AIOs have had their day.

This is what I’m considering doing:


or Flats:


Fleece cover:

or Wool cover:

I plan on making my own fleece and wool covers. I can’t knit, but I can turn thrifted wool sweaters into covers! There are many sites on how to do this. I am also considering making some of my own fitted prefolds. Again, there many sites with instructions. Old flannel cut up and edged with a zig-zag stitch will make good reusable wipes. It feels nice to get rid of all the synthetic stuff.

Probably will be more posts on this in the future.

(Most photos from Green Mountain Diapers)

10 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering (and accessories)

  1. I agree, prefolds are actually easier. I hardly ever use my AIO, but I do have a few fitteds for my husband to use, if he gets frustrated 🙂 I also would recommend a few of the regular velcro type covers, because you can throw a prefold in it, no pins or snappis and just velcro it up like a disposable. Really easy. I've used this method on my two so far with great success! And, they dry so fast on the line (which also bleaches out those stains). All the best!


  2. Em, sounds like fun!

    Anastasia, the few covers (2-3) I have are the velcro type. I never got too much use because the prefold size didn't match the cover size so the prefolds were always poking out and wicking onto clothing. That's one reason why I would have to get some small prefolds.

    LV, the problem is I'm a crocheter. It's pretty common for crocheters to not be able to knit because they knit too tightly. It doesn't take more than a row before I've got the yarn so tight I can't move the needles. I thought I was just weird until I read up on it and realized that something in the crocheting technique messes you up for knitting. I bet it would be better to start knitting and then learn how to crochet, but I can't go back in time now! There are some crochet patterns out there for covers and I've thought about making some but crochet isn't nearly as elastic as knit and so they'd probably have to be wraps with snaps rather than soakers (and I don't know if I can handle the snaps).


  3. I used prefolds with both of mine, and I love them. (well. as much as you can love a diaper.) Easy to clean, you can bleach them whenever you feel like it, they are about as easy to put on with the snappies as a disposable, and they are cheap.

    We tried synthetic fleece covers, but they got stinky quick and they leaked through the material. I didn't like them and got rid of them. The wool covers and longies though were awesome. My only regret was buying girly colors and not being able to use them with Mishmish as much. I also use Nijis, which are a very thin wool cover that velcros over the diaper, gusseted so that solids don't accidentally make their way out. They are easy to wash, though unfortunately they are not bleachable… something I learned the hard way. Now I have to buy more. *sigh*


  4. It's been several years since I've cloth-diapered full-time, but back in the day I loved prefolds (smaller sizes were more versatile for us), with a Snappi for a younger babe and simply folded in a wrap for older babes/toddlers. Bummis and Proraps were favorite workhorse wraps. Pocket dipes like Fuzzibunz, stuffed with either hemp liners or prefolds, were great for naps, overnight, outings, or Dad! Baby washcloths make great baby wipes. There were a few other diapers/covers that were great too, and I'm sure there are countless others now, but those were our main loves (and it would be nice to use them again, actually)!

    Oh, and about the knitting…do you knit Continental style? I find it easier since I an hold and tension the yarn in much the same way as when I crochet, and the hand movements are more similar too.


  5. Anna says: I'm doing this and that with diapers, and snappies…

    Franki hears: I'm nesting, therefore I have hope!

    Franki thinks: I like that a LOT! Then smiles, and says a prayer for you both…ALL of you…and many more where that came from…Night, night. Stay well rested my friend….

    I liked this post a lot! I think, just maybe, perhaps it's a little easier to breathe today than it was yesterday?

    Thanks for sharing about the crochet & knit. I do neither since I've had my nose in a book forever and a day. But, I hope to one day knit a little Saints cap in black & gold! 😉 ❤ Guess I'll start with the knit first.


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