Problems commenting?

I don’t know about everyone else but I have had miserable problems commenting on Blogger blogs lately. If you have gotten nothing from me but a cold silence, then try to picture it more as slapping-the-desk-in-disgust-and-yelling irritation…with resultant silence.

I am NOT a computer guru (not even a computer initiate) and it was with fear and trepidation that I started looking through the help forum. I did find a very helpful article, comprehensible even by me, here, and after doing some test comments and changing cookies settings, I was able to leave a comment. It still needs tweaking (and I’m furious with Blogger for making my life more difficult) but I can leave a comment now. To make it easier for you all to leave comments [since apparently those are two different problems] I’ve changed the comments to their own page rather than pop-up or embedded below the post. Try leaving a test comment so I can see if that worked (and to say “hi!”). I can’t swear that I’ll be able to fix your problem if you ask, but since I managed to fix my own, I might be of help.

Boo, Blogger. We are NOT amused.

10 thoughts on “Problems commenting?

  1. I have had problems commenting lately, but not on your blog. (Wonder why?) The fix you came up with before worked until I switched to the new blogger interface. Then I was unable to log out of Google and log in again as before. I suspect that problem has to do with me not having a gmail address. Maybe they assume that in the programming for Google IDs.


  2. I haven't had problems commenting, either, but I have several people who were unable to comment on my blog when I had the comments pop-up or embedded (don't recall which). it's a silly problem, that's for sure!


  3. Update — I stored my Google login in my computer's “credential manager” (new to me), and changed my browser cookie settings from block to prompt (very annoying), and now I am able to comment on those sites where I just couldn't comment before. Hate getting those cookie messages every two seconds, though.


  4. Yes, I've got mine set to prompt and it's annoying, but after you've visited a site (not like CNN, but one that doesn't keep adding ads or something) and told it to either always block or always allow, then you don't keep getting the prompts. Being able to comment is nice though.


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