"…nothing loved is ever lost…"

The earth will never be the same again.
Rock, water, tree, iron, share this grief
As distant stars participate in pain.
A candle snuffed, a falling star or leaf,
A dolphin death, O this particular loss
Is Heaven-mourned; for if no angel cried,
If this small one was tossed away as dross,
The very galaxies then would have lied.
How shall we sing our love’s song now
In this strange land where all are born to die?
Each tree and leaf and star show how
The universe is part of this one cry
That every life is noted and is cherished
And nothing loved is ever lost or perished.
–Madeleine L’Engle A Ring of Endless Light

3 thoughts on “"…nothing loved is ever lost…"

  1. I'm a L'Engle flunky, I've never been able to get into her “Wrinkle of Time” series (although my mother tells me she wrote others I enjoyed as a kid) – but I've always liked her non-fiction and poetry.


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