Comfort Food: Ham, Cabbage and Potato Stew

At our house we merely call this “Ham and Cabbage”. That’s not to disparage the contribution of the humble potato, but I would enjoy it just as much without. (I’m not the big potato person in the family. Well, maybe in shape…)

This will be one of the simplest recipes you will ever make. And the cheapest. That feeds the most. I’m not kidding here, this is one awesome dish.

Ham, Cabbage and Potato Stew

1 half smoked ham (I get the smallest I can find which still runs several pounds)
1 cabbage
3 large baking potatoes

If you do not have a large stock pot, then divide this recipe into two pots. Cut the ham into large sections (4-8 depending on size of ham and number of pots). Place in pot(s) and put enough water in to almost cover the ham, several cups. Bring to a boil then lower temperature to a simmer. Cover and simmer for one hour. Trim off the very end of the cabbage and cut into eighths. Peel the potatoes and cut each into five or six large slices or sections. Add the cabbage and potatoes to the ham, adding water as needed to just cover ingredients. Return to a simmer, cover,  and cook for an additional hour. Serve in soup bowls with the broth.

Serves at least 12 adults

1. Do NOT add salt. I promise you, the ham will make it quite salty enough. You could add pepper if you like, but I never add any spices and it turns out wonderfully.
2. The leftovers from this dish are fantastic.
3. A slow-cooker version is probably floating around out there on the internet. You have to be careful though because the potatoes will turn into mush if you cook them too long.

One thought on “Comfort Food: Ham, Cabbage and Potato Stew

  1. One of my favorite combinations! If you had a few extra carrots, they would be good in there too. Also sounds like a good dish to do in a pressure cooker.


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