Innocent’s Memory Box

I got an unfinished memory box from Walmart and painted and sanded it.

Most of it is antique white and I mixed a light blue for accent.

A little rick-rack around the perimeter…

I lined it with baby blue fleece and finished it with a little ribbon.

I crocheted the square out of the same yarn I had made his blanket. The ribbon
and fleece are the same I used for his shroud.

Inside are the cards we received and the burial service. I have yet to print
out the online notes we received and his birth story.

There are two small photo albums containing all of his pictures including
his ultrasound pictures. I had the photos processed yesterday.

Some grass from the field where he is buried.

A honeysuckle blossom from the bouquet I put on his grave the day he
was buried.

The ribbon is from the bouquet. I retrieved it on Pascha when we took an
Easter lily out to plant behind the cross over his grave.

At the moment it’s on the mantel.

17 thoughts on “Innocent’s Memory Box

  1. So it approaches, the date when he would've met you – if life were another way. I know it deeply, as mine does. I should be off work now, yet I'm still there. Strange. As if two prallell worlds are living side by side. Missing and yet he could have still been within for another day or two. Instead I enbark on this new journey…strange….e


  2. Beautiful. I have a similar box for our Luka, whom we lost in 2005. There is something so precious about a carefully crafted collection of little keepsakes — holding his memory with such care, as only a mother can. Glory be to God. May Innocent's memory be eternal.


  3. I love the memory box. That's such a beautiful idea. Yesterday was the five year anniversary of the day our little Esther was born.
    Memory eternal to these precious little ones!
    And hugs to the mamas…


  4. Anna,
    This is SO incredibly beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. I am certain it will help many babyloss mothers who detest being in this terrible, awful club. I was struggling as to what to do for Danny'd memory box, and this gave me some lovely ideas. Previously, I had an old cardboard box from a discount store with roses on it that I used previously for storage when I wa a teacher. A “leftover” box for our first son's only memory box seemed so wrong. I have been searching for ideas to do something more respectable as his 9-21 due date approaches. Now I have some good ideas. I, too, haven't printed out all his on line condolences. I started and got busy with the puppy. He is a comfort and sometimes a little bit of a distractin, but much more of a comfort. Bless you for sharing! Love, Franki


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