Birds and Calls

I have a new phone! Woo hoo! I only get a new phone when the old one breaks, so you can guess what happened to my old phone. It’s a flip phone and the plastic hinges had been gradually cracking. One side had popped out a bit last week and I was in the process of trying to pop it back in when Pickles accidentally knocked it out of my hand, it fell on the street and split in two pieces. Uh oh. The best part was that Father was out of state at the funeral and so then I had no phone. Well, thanks to the wonder of technology I have a new slider phone. I was afraid I would lose all of my contacts and in fact, the employee at the ATT store tried three different ways to transfer them to the SIM card to move to my new phone…without success. See, the top part which is the display was not connected to the bottom part, which is the brain. So you could fiddle with the brain but not know what you were doing. When I got home, in the process of transferring Father’s contacts to his phone (he was due for an upgrade too), I had an idea: I transferred our contacts at the same time. Every time I pushed a button on his phone I pushed it on mine too. Voila! It worked! Father said I should call the lady at the ATT store back and tell her what I did, but enhh. It only worked because I had an identical phone to hand.

So I was originally going to post a plea that basically said, “If you love me and ever want to talk to me again, call my phone and leave your number (unless you’ve been looking for a way out in which case you just lucked out!)”, but instead I just decided to take you all through a long, boring story about my new phone and contacts.

To reward you for your patience, here are some pictures of birds at our feeder (taken through a screen – sorry):

Chickadees are too cute when they’re congregating and squeaking together.

Wood thrush – recent addition to our group.
Not a bird, but a big fan.

I’m still pondering what to do for post 1,000. This is 998 so I’d better get a move on! I’m thinking contest/giveaway. Hm…

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