TS Lee

I figure any way you cut it we’re going to get rain. (:
We’ve already gotten between 0.5 and 1 inch.

Father and I were laughing earlier about how I have the opposite of what people think of when they think of Seasonal Affective Disorder. When it’s sunny, bright and calm I get depressed and lethargic. When it’s chilly, dismal, dark, storming, windy…I cheer up and have some energy. I should move to, say, the Faroe Islands. I don’t think they have an Orthodox church there yet. How about it Father?

So that’s all to say that I’m about to have four days of extreme cheer. (:

7 thoughts on “TS Lee

  1. There wasn't a lot of water with Katrina. It moved pretty quickly (though as huge as it was, the wind blew for hours and hours.) This one apparently will just sit over us for a long time. Also, I didn't live in the same part of town. What I got in Katrina was trees coming down on the house. Very bad.
    Tonight I'm working on getting stuff up off the floor as much as possible and trying to decide what to do about going to my mom's.


  2. It's so neat to hear that I'm not the only one who regards grey, overcast (or even rainy) days as “good” days. Bright (sunny) days sap my energy levels but cloudy days invigorate me immensely.

    It's funny to call it S.A.D., but in reverse. I like that!

    Prayers for you and yours as the storm makes its way through.

    (another) Elizabeth


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