"Keepin’ it Real" Award for this week

And it goes to…

For her post, “Dare to Not Compare“. She’s illustrating the whole concept of ‘keeping it real’ perfectly. Thank you, Rebeca, for your post. Here’s a short excerpt to encourage you to read the whole thing:

I recently read an article about how social networking is making people miserable. The premise was that people tend to put their best self out there, leaving others to feel they are the only ones experiencing the difficulties of life. I have found, the more I’m on the internet, the more likely I am to compare my life with someone else’s. Of course I know this is pointless and foolish, but the thoughts creep in, and I have to be vigilant to not let the seemingly rosy glow of someone else’s life make mine seem dull.

I noticed this most recently as many home schoolers are happily finishing up lesson plans, posting photos of lovely, organized school rooms, well thought out menu plans, and schedules organized down to the moment. And here I sit, just enjoying summer, thoughts of the upcoming school year surfacing here and there but not taking up too much space.

This is when the ugly beast of Comparison sends in her twin, Condemnation. Condemnation comes to visit me a lot lately, and I’m trying for the life of me to not to let her in. Condemnation whispers, sometimes shouts at me: “You’re not doing enough! You need to try harder! You’re kids would be more obedient (happier, kinder) if only you were a better Mom. You suck! Her house is clean and she has twice as many kids as you. They would be better off with someone else. You send your kids to bed with dirty feet: your Mom never would have done that, and she had five kids! You haven’t planned out the next school year yet! Dinner is late again?” And so on…

One thought on “"Keepin’ it Real" Award for this week

  1. Thank you Matushka! This one seemed to resonate with a lot of people. There is something healing about putting your struggles out there, and realizing that you're not alone.
    Bless you!


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