6 thoughts on “The sad truth…

  1. And I'm at my parents house having just put in a load of laundry! (We left things behind when we were here for Christmas and they smell like storage after 8 months.) :p

    Laundry ads, LIARS!

    (I actually don't mind *doing* the laundry, it's the putting away that bugs me. And my husband's “floordrobe”.) 😉


  2. I grew up in the era of clotheslines and really miss that smell of clean clothes. As for being misled by commercials, I didn't understand why my mother didn't do housework in a dress and heels! (A much earlier generation of commercials.)


  3. I actually used to think “Leave it to Beaver” was doable. There's that little matter of not being able to remain upright while in heels…

    I *do* like aprons though. I always feel 'ready to go' when I'm wearing one. (:


  4. growing up, i had horrible allergies to fragrance oils – i still do, – i thought I was going to miss out on all the “fun stuff” in life, like sunshine laundry, and yummy fruit smelling carpets…. i was very very sad…

    lol. now, i AM SUPER HAPPY FOR IT ;O)


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