The perfect presvytera/matushka/preoteasa/khouria…

This is DELIGHTFUL and had me rolling in the aisles. I’d seen the posts about “the perfect priest” before and they’re very funny, but I hadn’t seen one about his perfect wife! I’m posting an excerpt but please go to the original site to read the rest. You won’t regret it.

* The Perfect Presbytera is very articulate. She never says a word at church meetings. She has a full-time, high-paying career, and home schools at least 3 kids. She never misses a church service, fundraiser or social event.

* The Perfect Presbytera stands up for the sanctity of marriage. She never minds all those females flocking around her handsome husband, or him being home late from church meetings night after night. After all, she too is unspeakably gorgeous. She never wears any makeup or spends money that should go to the poor on a hairdresser. She is always dressed in the height of fashion. Her babushka scarf, loafers and ankle-length skirts come from the Thrift Shop. [Note: I thought I would split a rib at this point – that’s what I look like! (the thrift store part, that is)]

~Additional note: The source is The Orthodox Clergy Wife by Presbytera Anonyma:

the secret sisterhood of Orthodox clergy wives. I’m only just examining it but it looks like a good resource for clergy wives (for all of you out there).

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