Two new pages

You might notice two new pages at the top. They’re pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll explain anyway for the benefit of those who have not had the first cup of coffee.

Innocent’s Story: Well, duh, it’s Innocent’s story. I started with the first post (the pregnancy announcement) at the top and added each one under it in order. They’re separated and dated. It makes an interesting look at the progression of grief after miscarriage. I didn’t add every post with the label miscarriage, just the ones that had to do with Innocent. I also did not include his actual birth story. If anyone thinks I should or could or that it would be appropriate (because it’s under a separate page and not in the main body of the blog), let me know. At the moment there’s a link to the story on Lost Innocents from one of the posts.

A Tale of Four Cakes: For the moment that’s the name of the story. Rather inane, but I haven’t come up with anything better yet. Each section is divided but not numbered. As I post each one, I’ll add the new one to the bottom of the page. Any more feedback, by the way? (Feedback does not necessarily¬†= praise, although naturally enough I like that too.)

[I know there are some formatting issues with both pages. It’s going to take me a little time to iron those out.]

5 thoughts on “Two new pages

  1. Oh my, your story has been pulling me through middle of the night feeding sessions. When Daniel wakes me up, I whip out my cell phone and hope to myself that you published a new part. True story. This has been going on for days.


  2. Rebekah – Wow! I'm glad to have helped. (: Sorry about no segment today. I started, got stuck, started over…etc. What with the feast and two services and a not-so-great day I just ran out of steam. I'm hoping for a segment tomorrow.

    Thanks. (:


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