10 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I think you should keep writing — not just this story.

    And I'm thinking about whether this story would be appropriate for my church school class this fall, girls ages 12-14, on the general theme of growing up as a young Orthodox Christian woman. Virtue, role models, etc.


  2. I am loving this story and look forward to checking your blog every morning for the next installment.

    So what specifically am I loving? The powerful message in the story and the uber-gentle way in which it’s told. I would love to see this as a book – something I can read with my 11 and 10-year-old son and daughter. Given the length of the story, I envision a Patricia Polacco-style storybook – lush illustrations, lots of them, to accompany the text.

    And I would echo Maria’s comment that you should keep writing – and not just this story. There’s a gift here…thank you for sharing it.

    (another) Elizabeth


  3. I really am enjoying the story and keep waiting for more. It's like another Elizabeth said – the story has a very strong message, but it's told very gently. I was thinking about this story my whole drive home from work today.


  4. I'm really enjoying the story and am drawn in, wanting to know what will happen next. One thing I'm wondering, what about the boys? What does the angel give them? What do they have to prepare for their bride?


  5. Ah, Sarah, there's the rub: I wrote it with my daughters in mind so I wrote it for girls. I hadn't supposed boys would enjoy it anyway (it's “mushy”). I think boys could benefit from something similar but it would probably have to be written in a somewhat different style to be appealing. That's something Father could probably help with. After all, he likes “The White Company” and I like “Anne of Green Gables”. (:


  6. I think even for this story with girls as the audience it's important to illustrate that it's not one-sided. I feel like we need to see that boys have a parallel project to illustrate what they are doing to be worthy of the precious gift the young women are presenting at their weddings.


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