Suffering Oslo

I don’t look at the news much on-line (and we don’t have cable) so it wasn’t until yesterday evening that I became aware of the attacks in and near Oslo. How horrible! Lord have mercy on the souls of the dead (91 at the time of this writing). Praying for all the wounded in soul and body.

8 thoughts on “Suffering Oslo

  1. This is terrible. I can't understand how this can happen in Northern Europe. Thought we have had two serious school shootings in Finland, too. But this is far more serious, over 90 victims… :'(


  2. It *is* shocking. Recent reports are suggesting this was not part of an organized group but the work of one madman. Kind of like our Oklahoma City bombing. (Which doesn't make it any less horrible, but seems to suggest it isn't just the precursor for additional attacks since they have the man in custody).


  3. Like many, it is just so shocking for me to see this happen, and especially in Oslo. I can't understand how someone would be driven that far by political ideas, or madness, or both…


  4. I've yet to see any evidence of his Christianity beyond newspaper reports that say he is a Christian fundamentalist. No church has stepped up to back him up, he isn't carrying any Christian-type banners, etc. He sounds like a nut-case.


  5. He probably is a nut-case. And no doubt no church will claim him, but I doubt they would have stuck the Christian banner without a reason. He probably considers himself a Christian. Could of course also be a label that they stuck on him because in the US it often goes together with 'extreme right', and he is part of an extreme right party, so they might just have lumped it together.


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