How to Leave a Comment in 15 Easy Steps

No, this isn’t to berate lurkers for not commenting, this is merely a little tutorial on how to get around the nasty little commenting bug that Blogger STILL hasn’t fixed. {But just so you know, I love comments! (c:}

Do you have this problem?

1. You read something so funny that you snort milk out of your nose.
2. You decide to let people know about the milk.
3. You type a comment.
4. You hit “publish”.
5. You are taken to the sign-on screen.
6. You curse under your breath.
7. You type everything out and hit “sign in”.
8. You notice that on the comment page you’ve suddenly lost your identity and henceforth all shall call you “anonymous.”
9. You figure, what the heck – I’ll just sign the comment (do so) and hit “publish”.
10. You are taken to the sign-on screen.
11. You curse audibly.
12. See #7
13. See #8
14. Repeat until your brain leaks out of your left ear.
15. You say something nasty and viciously close the window.
16. The person who wrote the post wonders why no one found it funny.

Well, I can’t fix the root problem (Blogger? Hello??), but I can tell you how to get off the merry-go-round from Hell. When you get to step #7, before you hit “sign in”, UNCLICK the little box that says “keep me signed in”. THEN hit “sign in”. When you are taken back to the comment page you will see your identity is intact and you will be able to continue publishing the comment. If you are initially hitting publish and nothing is happening, hit preview and/or publish until you are taken to the sign-on screen. It may take 2 or 3 times.

Hope this helps!!

8 thoughts on “How to Leave a Comment in 15 Easy Steps

  1. Hi! I'm commenting just to say hi and test out your instructions. I love following your blog, and think I have commented before, but I can't remember. Anyway, I'm an Orthodox mom too, with two little ones, (my oldest just turned two), who also suddenly finds herself spending 80% of church in the narthex, and is trying to learn all I can to raise my children with all the wonderful traditions I can.


  2. i am glad i am not the only one with this issue ;o) It is hard to pour your heart out, then…crickets……. It really shows me how much I actually value comments on my blog. As for me, I totally push things to the limits sometimes and when I hear nothing, I REALLY start to question my self.

    I am always happy to read your blog, I always am able to take little bits here and there that end up meaning something later, if not right then.



  3. Right after you figured this out, you mentioned something about this, and I've been grateful ever since. I only have the problem on certain blogs (never yours!) — don't know why.


  4. Hahaha! I needed a good laugh! Thank you, Anna! 🙂 Too funny!

    I have problems with certain blogs, also. Like…ummm- mine! I don't know how to operate one…I'm like a drunk driver behind the keyboard when it comes to computers…. And just for a good laugh- the word I am supposed to type in to prevent spam is “monon”! How ironic that it is one letter away from “moron”! LOL! Time for bed! 🙂 ❤ Franki


  5. Hi Anna, I am having trouble leaving comments so I'm trying your way. I found your blog by accident when scanning 'next blog' at the top of the page. Of course, nothing is by accident…I've had two miscarriages and have found comfort from you.


  6. Anastasia, I remember you! But thanks for saying “hi” again. (:

    Deb, I'm glad to think anything I say helps anyone – I don't know how! (And yes, I understand the crickets part…)

    Maria: Yes, I posted that in a comment on your blog right after I figured out how to do it myself. I thought I'd publish a 'public service announcement' in case other people were having problems too.

    Danny's mom: I am usually amused by the anti-spam word of the day! And I think your blog is great. (:

    Joan: No, nothing is by accident. I'm glad to think you've found some comfort here (and I assume on the other blog as well…?) Praying for a cure for your husband.


  7. I've made it a habit to copy my reply before I hit publish, it's nuts but after the umpteenth time of repeating my comment and then the reply dwindle's down to “great post,thanks”, not that that's not sincere but I might have added other good points or thanked the blogger for specific reasons, grrr! Oh well, copy and paste seems to save the hassle too, just in case.


  8. Yes, I've found that a good practice too and forgot to mention it. I remember one very well thought out comment (rather long) that bit the dust and I was kicking myself for not copying it first. Never again!


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