6 thoughts on “The Price of Peace?

  1. New crayons! No smell like that in the world! I used to be given the 16-count box, a few times the 48, but heaven, absolute heaven, was the 64 and a coloring book with lots of pictures of princesses. Sigh.


  2. lol. my 15 year old just bought herself a box of 64 at the grocery store two days ago. i told her that i would buy her some beeswax ones online instead, and she said no, because she liked the smell and it gave her good memories ;o) The sense of smell is a very powerful thing!!


  3. I know this has been done for children, but if you're ever planning an event for adults that's not ultra-fancy and you need an ice-breaker, cover the tablecloths with long, white paper and put boxes of crayons at intervals down them. Adults love to color. They'll love the excuse.


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