"The Castle"

Show of hands, how many have watched “The Castle” (1997 Australian film)? If you haven’t watched it, the link to the first part is here (the entire thing is on YouTube) and it is embedded below. I don’t know how to describe this film. On the surface it’s about a man’s fight to keep his home against what in the US we call eminent domain and in Australia, compulsory acquisition. The fight itself is marvelous (and I’m not going to include any spoilers) but the most remarkable part of the film is the man himself, Darryl Kerrigan. This film is billed as a comedy, and it most certainly is, but you can pull a much more lasting message from it than a few good laughs. I encourage everyone to watch it. If any are willing, I’d be interested in discussing it in the combox. [Caution: do not watch with children because of some strong language.]

(Additional interesting note: This movie was filmed over 11 days with a budget of $19,000. It grossed over $10 million.)

5 thoughts on “"The Castle"

  1. I thought this movie only appealed to Australians, but apparently I'm wrong…

    It is an Australian attribute to always cheer for the underdog, but funnily enough we also have what is called 'tall Poppy syndrome' (i.e. when someone is doing too well for our liking, we like to bring them back to our level:)).

    I love it how Eric Bana plays a Greek Kick-boxer who marries Darryl's daughter.

    My favourite quotes from Darryl:

    'Tell'em he's dreaming'


    'How's the serenity'


    There are other interesting things in the movie, but I'm curious of what other people think of it, especially in America.


  2. Is it wrong that I'm seriously considering beginning this movie at 10:45 at night. LOL! 🙂 I haven't seen it yet, and I love to watch movies that have been recommended… I'll be good and put it off until tomorrow though… 🙂


  3. Nonna – you will really like this movie. Promise.

    I can't speak for how Americans as a whole would view this movie, only my (and my husband's) impressions. I too will be interested to hear what others think.

    The character – and I don't mean that in a theatrical sense – of Darryl Kerrigan is the backbone of the story. At one point his wife tells a story of the time they first met, making the point that she was attracted to him because he was “principled”. I think that is a good part of his character, but I was also thinking about how he views the world and how others view it through him. His amazement and joy over the simplest things, his ability to always 'make the best of things', his love for his family and neighbors. He has the amazing ability to make everyone around him feel good, loved, accomplished, happy. (Of course, not the people who are trying to take his house.) He has a sincere and open interest in others and you can tell they feel it. I may not be doing a good job explaining this – if you haven't watched the movie you're just going to have to watch it.


  4. Easy way to describe The Castle to someone… “It's the Aussie version of Dumb and Dumber.” But funnier.

    And you must watch the original, no the dubbed American version. I've seen both and the American one isn't funny.


  5. I think the Youtube version is the Australian version because it doesn't have the different car makes dubbed in, etc., but I'll check. We absolutely LOVED the version we saw on Youtube. Amazingly, this movie was actually recommended by Father's spritual father who loves it!


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