Liebster Award

Imagine my surprise when I checked my reader last night and found Nonna at Nonna’s Neuropoetry had gifted me with a Liebster award! How sweet! The Liebster award (I had to look it up) is a way to highlight favorite blogs with less than 300 followers (no question but that I qualify there!).

In return, I am nominating some of my favorite blogs:

1. The Khouria Said What?! by Khouria Nicole. Even though she doesn’t post very often, I always think “yay!” whenever I see that she has. Sometimes I think we must have been separated at birth. If I ever find a good paisley I’m sending it to her.

2. Life, Love and Laundry by Faerieeva, who is the lone Catholic on my sidebar, bless her heart! She manages to post with both sensitivity and a sense of humor about her husband and children. You’d think she was still on her honeymoon but I think she’ll sound like that 20 years hence and that’s fantastic.

3. Magdalini by Presv. Magda. She ALWAYS makes me laugh and that is a virtue in my eyes. She also doesn’t post that often, (these ladies are busy!) but I am always glad when she does because I know I’m about to have a good time.

Thank you ladies!

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