Layered Flag Cookies

We didn’t quite manage to get these done for the Fourth, but decided to make them anyway. The base is plain sugar cookie dough we made yesterday. I dyed 1/4 blue and dived the remainder into two parts, dying one part red. The dough is really soft so we wrapped it in plastic wrap and refrigerated it until today.

With the assistance of waxed paper I formed the blue dough into a tube and then squared it off.

The red and the white were rolled out (separately) between layers of waxed paper into a more or less rectangular shape. With some trimming and piecing we got this to work. I don’t have any exact measurements for the strips, but eye-balled it into this:

Of course, if you really want to get it right, you can use this cutting board from Signals.

Starting with a wide red strip we stacked red, white, red, white. Then a narrow red and white placed at one edge of the first stack. Then the blue on the other side.
I did some minor trimming on the ends to square it up and wrapped it in waxed paper. Then we put it in the freezer again. After it had hardened we sliced it into cookies…

…baking them at 325 degrees for 17 minutes.
(Because the recipe for drop cookies rather than cut-out cookies had been followed by my daughters, there was a little too much butter in the dough and the cookies spread a bit. They were still good.)

6 thoughts on “Layered Flag Cookies

  1. Those are so cool! I think for a Canadian flag one would just do the red and white bars and add the maple leaf after baking. I suppose you could bake it in if you were determined and patient, though. It would be easier with bigger cookies.


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