Wildfire threatening parish

Please pray! (link to news on fires and link to church)

“Dear Brothers, 

I just want to ask for the prayers of all of you. This is Hieromonk John at St. Dimitri’s in Los Alamos, and currently there is a uncontained 6000 acre wildfire in Los Alamos. Voluntary evacuations are underway. The fire is half a mile from the lab which could be the prelude to a bad situation. I have evacuated the holy things to a safe location and will be going to and from Los Alamos to assist parishioners and anyone else in need. Please pray for us all, and that the good Lord will send rain!

With Love In Christ
Hieromonk John”

[Also, so far things seem to be going well with Leo. Please continue to pray for him – he’s not out of surgery yet.]

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