Morning prayer requests…busy day! [Updated…again]

For Baby Leo, whose extensive cranial surgery is this morning…lasting all day…

For the Child Noah, who is having multiple procedures under general anesthesia this morning…

For Svetlana, who is having all the hardware removed from her ankle (remember the horrible fall and compound fracture when she was heavily pregnant?) this morning. She has been in a lot of pain.

May the Lord have mercy on them!

[Updates: Leo is mostly likely out of surgery and in ICU. The last update on his blog was that they were closing and things were ok. Glory to God! Noah’s tests (endoscopy and colonoscopy) were not good. His mother will be talking with the doctors tomorrow about the results, but he is clearly in worse shape than they thought. Lord have mercy!]

6/28/11 – Leo is doing well! There’s an update on his site. Glory to God! Prayers that he continues to recover. Svetlana had a successful surgery and is recovering. Please pray for pain relief for her.

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