*One* more…then a break.

I have one more award to hand out and then I’m taking a break – unless someone wows me with their “realness” over the weekend! (:

I was scrolling around and realized to my shock that I had intended to give an award and forgotten – that’s the plain truth – and it had never happened. Mea Culpa! SO, today’s “Keepin’ it Real” Award goes to….

For showing us beautiful and inspiring photos of her schoolroom (St. Theophan Academy) and related areas….and also what it looks like when it’s not prettied up for a photo shoot! That was a seriously impressive contrast, Anna! You could have left us all in total awe, but you let us in on the real life side too. Thanks. (I encourage you to go to that post even if you have no interest in real life, or something like that, because it is truly a beautiful and impressive home school room.)

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