Well, I haven’t posted anything about gardening once this year. (I think.) That’s because I haven’t really done any. [pause to let the gasps and shrieks from the audience die down…]

That’s right folks: I am not a gardener.

I do love looking at other people’s gardens though. I envy those who sport thumbs or other assorted digits in a brilliant green. I may be green, but it is mostly with envy. I got the July Southern Living Thursday and was looking through a fantastically gorgeous hillside garden in Mt. Airy, NC. It was so cottagey with a wildflower look. It was exuberant. I thought about how much I love wildflowers.

I saw another garden, more of a woodsy, rocky one (like those too), and a quote from the gardener jumped out at me, “If asked the question, ‘what is your favorite garden’, the answer should always be your own.”


In the front of our house there are two beds, one on either side of the steps. The soil there is good and you can tell because the weeds just love it. There are also elephant ears and a few of the things that look like banana plants (sorry – remember – not a gardener) and a small clump of salvia, but other than that…

Yesterday I was moving some things on the kitchen counter prior to wiping it and picked up a box of wildflower seed mix.

1 + 1 = 2

After supper, after the shower had moved on, I went out to the front beds armed with shovel, spade, fork, and bug spray. I got the right bed done. I pulled up every weed, uprooting them. I dug the entire bed up (saving the elephant ears and banana thingies). Some of the roots were gigantic, especially the Spanish bayonets. I was absolutely filthy when I came in at dark.

This morning I went out to the left bed, doing the same thing. After cleaning up I got out some different kind of zinnia seeds and the box of wildflower mix. I scattered the zinnias at the back and the mix over the entire thing.

I hope in several weeks I have some pictures to share.

2 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. That makes you a gardener — you put in your sweat, planted something, and have hope that it will grow. You just keep trying, and while you're trying, you learn a few things, and over time your thumb turns brown, if not green. One teeny bit of advice — keep watering your seeds until they sprout. Kids love to do this.


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