Boy, I look back at some of the music I used to listen to and wonder where my head was. Not heavy metal or acid rock (No, I didn’t listen to those…come on people), but the contemporary Christian pop. Now I will say in all fairness that there are a few of those that I have heard since and still rather like, but the majority…

However, I can still say that every…single…song in that category I just mentioned, beats the St. Louis Jesuits all hollow. Ick. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you are blessed.

14 thoughts on “Contemporary

  1. Hi Matushka,

    I am actually struggling with this right now. Over the past year, I have stopped listening to Contemporary “worship” music on the radio – klove and all that. Why? Because I find it very belittling. To me, and to God. I have not been able to pin point why this is. Listening to it irritates my deepest soul at this point. I know most of the people I know would say that it is Satan making his way in my life, but I know it is not that at all. I am not saying that I am “too good” for the music either, thats not it. I just find it SO annoying right now. I don't find it uplifting, I dont find it meaningful, I don't find it “spiritual”. At all. Even more irritating to me is watching someone listening to the music and randomly lifting their hands up in the air like they are being filled with something… (I know, I have issues.)

    So, what DO you listen to? I would like to hear more of your thoughts on this subject ;o)



  2. Deb,

    First let me thank you for commenting. I was starting to freak out thinking everyone was burning me in effigy in their front yards.

    I listen to a good, solid variety of stuff. For NON-religious music, I like 80's pop (sad I know), movie themes, Orthodox Celts (NOT Orthodox!), classical, baroque, oldies, solo piano, etc. For RELIGIOUS music I listen to Russian-tradition chant/hymns, Byzantine-tradition chant/hymns, traditional Anglican hymns (they're beautiful), and classical things like Mozart's liturgical music and others like him.

    I think as you grow (both in age and spirit) your tastes in a lot of things change. That's ok. And not everyone is at the same point at the same time. When we became Orthodox we did not trash all of our music and get new. By that time I had pretty much stopped listening to contemporary Christian music anyway because it seemed insipid. I had just moved past it. I do know a woman (not the most stable) who when she became Orthodox wouldn't even listen to Bach because he was Lutheran. Crazy.


  3. Honestly, I've had some similar issues as Deb for the last 20 years. That's how long it has been since I've listened to contemporary Christian music. It started to seem very shallow to me. Of course, pop music in general also started to seem very shallow to me about that time as well. I've been an old fogy for a long time. 🙂


  4. I never listened to contemporary Christian music. I have recently been digging up my Catholic roots because there are a few hymns that I actually miss. I've been gathering mp3s to burn a CD, and I still have space for a couple more songs. Anybody have a favorite Catholic or Protestant hymn to recommend?


  5. The church I grew up in was just like that video. We went back to it a couple o years ago and my it had grown, and it was still that same way, fake fog machines and all.


  6. The only thing missing in the above videos is the pastor meanfully and slowly “speaking” the words of the songs after they are sung…
    “holy..holy…holy……lord….god…almighty…” can i get an amen brothers??


  7. I have always loved hymns, but the more I listen to Orthodox music, the less attractive I find all the orchestration. Some hymns have a lot of emotional meaning for me beyond the hymn itself, but generally I prefer classical or Orthodox religious music.
    Did somebody say 80's? A relative and I finally confessed that we actually like ABBA. Pitiful, I know!


  8. PS I did have a very moving Contemporary Christian Music Experience during the 80's — twice in fact. Saw Steve Green live, once in Memphis and once in Kentucky. He had a fantastic voice and ended each time with “A Mighty Fortress” sung a cappella and without a mike. Amazing.


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