Technical blogging question…

…does anyone know how to have music playing as soon as your blog opens? [note: I swear I will NOT do that to this blog (or to Lost Innocents). I know how annoying that is.]

7 thoughts on “Technical blogging question…

  1. sorry the html didn't show

    embed width=”200″ src=”″ autostart=”false” loop=”false” height=”50″>< and >

    and put it in the template somewhere. of course, you want to change the urls to reflect the music in question.


  2. It's not simply built into Blogger from what I can figure. You can insert the HTML code into the template I think, but you have to have the music already present on a URL. The whole thing is pretty far beyond my computer skills. If anyone has successfully done it (esp. with Blogger, but with any other mainline server like WordPress too) it would be great to know how it was done.


  3. so the music you have in mind is not already online? you can upload it to a free place, like

    then link to it. let me know if you want me to email you the html for embedding once it is online.


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