Drawstring Alphabet Bag

Inspired by someone who is heading to a conference complete with infant and a not-quite-three-year-old who likes letters and needs something quiet to do, I came up with a nifty toy. Being a mother myself (or hadn’t you figured that out yet?) I know that the last thing you need is a toy with multiple small pieces that can get lost (or used as projectiles) or that makes noise. Or that uses batteries. Etc.

So here it is. Next time I’ll do it a little differently. I’ve got to figure out some way to attach the letters to the bottom of the bag using something that won’t tangle so easily. Lanyard plastic? Any suggestions?

Each side has a strip of clear vinyl sewn with bias tape. The bottom edge is open to admit the letters. Each letter is double-sided and most are made with fleece and/or wool. The ribbons are sewn into the bottom seam.

Here’s the other side. I didn’t include Q, K, V, X and Z because small children
are unlikely to use those to make words. (I added an extra E.)

When you’re done playing, the bag turns inside out (or right-side out, depending on perspective)
so that all of the letters are enclosed in the bag.

Then it closes with a drawstring.

Taa daa!

12 thoughts on “Drawstring Alphabet Bag

  1. This is waaay cooler than the present I made for your kids. I'm so excited about seeing you, and now I'm also looking forward to watching Teddy play with this awesome toy!


  2. I love that idea. It also reminds me of another church toy. You could make a bag like that and instead of letters add pictures of the saints, or pictures that belong to liturgy, so that it helps keep the children involved in the liturgy and the worship, while keeping in mind that they are not very verbal or listening oriented yet.


  3. faerieeva, that was my first thought! We can spell things that go in church, though, and this will be excellent on the plane ride back!

    Matushka Anna, you said your children had too many toys, so I limited myself to something very small.


  4. Wow, that's awesome! Have you seen the “busy Bible” or something like that? Very cool. Totally want one.

    There aren't any good pics online that I could find quickly, but here's the Amazon link.


    It's all felt. There are a few pieces that might get lost, I think, but at least they aren't hard toys, and I wonder if the losable pieces could be attached with strings….


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