"Lost Innocents" Getting Ready to Roll Out

(That sounds like a newspaper headline about a new car model – too funny.)

When I first started Lost Innocents, I said I wanted to have it done by Pentecost. Well, Pentecost is tomorrow and I think that while this site is never going to be “finished” as such – there will always be stories being added, etc. – it’s finished enough to call “finished”. I added a new page last night called “Specific to Stillbirth“. It had come to my attention that while there’s more nitty-gritty information about stillbirth out there than about miscarriage, there still isn’t much from an Orthodox perspective. Women had written telling me that “this site was helpful despite being about miscarriage and not about stillbirth.” While I’m glad it was helpful, I don’t want anyone to have to filter through things in order to glean any help. Since I haven’t had a stillbirth I asked the assistance of a woman who had one early this year. She responded with extreme graciousness and now there is a new page.

After Pentecost is over I will be starting the process of getting the site “out there” by sending the information to various priests around the country. Help is no good if you can’t find it and putting the information in the hands of the ones who are going to be called upon for assistance seems reasonable. This is somewhat intimidating and not something I would have thought up on my own (it was Father’s suggestion), but I hope that Lost Innocents can fill a void that shouldn’t have existed.

[Update: it’s officially “done” and out there. Feel free to send the information to anyone you think might be able to make use of it.]

5 thoughts on “"Lost Innocents" Getting Ready to Roll Out

  1. The question came up on the Orthodox Convert Yahoo group too, once it is rolled out, I'll probably send the link to the person, if it is ok with you.


  2. Mimi,

    It's essentially “rolled out” because I emailed a dozen plus priests today with the information and a cover letter. Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might be able to benefit from it. It won't do any good sitting off by its lonesome. Thanks for thinking of it.


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