Apron from a Thrifted Dress #2

I liked the first apron I made so much (and wear it to the exclusion of all others now) that I decided to snag another linen dress the last time I was at the thrift store. This time I found one that had a lovely flower and leaves pattern along the hem and the waistband. I was fool enough not to take a picture before I started cutting, but it was just one of those typical sleeveless jumper numbers that were so, so common in the early 90’s. The dress wasn’t bad in and of itself, but I always look dreadful in them so turning them into aprons is very satisfying. I was also very bad and took no pictures of the process but it was very easy.

I liked the waistband but if I used it as such the apron would be too long. I cut it out, leaving an edge of plain fabric. I separated it into two parts to use as ties. Then I did some trimming on what was left including cutting the skirt straight up the back. I took the bulky seams out of the sides especially since there were hemmed slits there too. (When I say “took them out” I mean cut them out entirely.) Then I stitched the two halves of the back onto either side of the front. I basted the top of the skirt and pulled to gather it. I saved some of the top of the skirt when I cut it down a bit and used that to make a new waistband. Then there was some hemming and finishing work. I folded the flowery bits I was using as ties in half lengthwise, stitched them down the center then attached them to the waistband. I used some invisible slip-stitching by hand just to make it neater.

Indiana, sitting out the photo shoot.

5 thoughts on “Apron from a Thrifted Dress #2

  1. Love it! Linen– it'll last forever. Indiana looks so much like my late beloved Tigger; those brown tabbies are so smart and sweet.


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