Blessing of Cars

It’s not exactly an appointed day for it but you can bless cars anytime. Someone wanted their car blessed, Father offered it to everyone, and before you know it we were all out there, running around opening doors and hoods in the 98 degree heat. We swooped from car to car, holy water flying, “Amen” ringing out. A subdeacon grabbed his straw hat when he opened his truck. As we crossed the street to bless the cars on the other side a police car slowed down, blocking traffic and letting us cross. People driving away from the Methodist church a block away stopped and four separate cars asked if we needed jumper cables. The police car pulled over and got out to see if anyone needed help. A few people tried to persuade him to let us bless his car but I think he was young and embarrassed and didn’t stick around. A lovely man who drives a truck made his second (surprise) visit today and got his rig blessed. It was quite a show.

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