American Pie

Wow. This is one of those weird conglomerations of ‘love the song’, ‘don’t agree with the lyrics’, ‘don’t have much background knowledge about the situation’ and ‘think the video is awesome’.
In a nutshell, Grand Rapids was designated as a dying city and the people there decided to do something about it. So they made a lip-sync video to “American Pie” by Don McLean. Say what you want about the song (awesome music, easy to remember lyrics) and the situation (how much do I know about Grand Rapids?), but the video is totally worth the watch. (c:

Thanks to Nicole Damick for pointing out this post on Front Porch Republic.

3 thoughts on “American Pie

  1. It's hard to believe that Grand Rapids is dying given how well western Michigan is doing compared to eastern and central Michigan – I'm glad that GR still has some pride :-)! That general area's where the Dutch side of my family comes from…


  2. GR is 20 minutes from where I grew up… have not watched the video yet but saw it via friend's online… MI has really been hit with the recession… my blood and dutchness starts from this area! 🙂 (well and Holland via Canada too 🙂 )


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