Morning Humor Poll

What is your most easily-avoided-if-you-were-only-paying-attention-and-boy-do-you-feel-stupid-now clumsy mistake?

Mine: Neatly and quietly slipping the faucet into your unsuspecting bathrobe sleeve past your arm as you’re reaching forward to turn the water on at the kitchen sink. With expected results.

6 thoughts on “Morning Humor Poll

  1. Whenever I open my chipotle chile powder(which I use a lot), for some reason I sniff into the jar to smell it, inevitably disabling myself for 5 minutes because of the heat. I have no idea why I do it, but I am telling you I do it *every time*.


  2. too funny! Sigh. stuff like this happens a lot to me too… like the other day I was trying to wash a stain out of my linen skirt and the water flowed off the skirt onto me and the floor…

    I can't pronounce names correctly often and in book club am always asking my friend to pronounce the Greek names… my spiritual father knows what I am taking about just when I saw, the one starting with the letter S… 🙂

    i use raw garlic usually but for a soup recently I forgot the garlic and was glad I had garlic powder handy 🙂


  3. How about every time I open the yogurt container, you know those peel away foil or plastic sealers… for whatever the reason, I'm the one to always get stuck with the job and then get stuck with a squirt of the contents (this also applies to any condiment with the same sealed bit)


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