That’s the temperature right now. I feel like a melted jelly after loading groceries into the hot car, getting into said hot car, driving home in said hot car (no air conditioning), and unloading said groceries out of said car.

But, that’s nothing compared to what these guys have been doing all day:

Remember what I said about some tree pruning? Well, they’re actually going to take out both these large oaks and one behind the house too. *sob* I hate to see trees killed and the dismembering process required when in the presence of houses and power lines seems particularly disturbing. The children enjoyed watching.

I don’t have this kind of head for heights so it’s good I don’t have this job.
You can see they’ve already done a lot of work.

Here’s the whole scene. I stopped taking photos through the screen after this.

I photographed the whole process of getting this big limb down.
That long thing on a pole is a chain saw. Scary, but true.

You can see that limb falling if you look carefully. Compare with the photo above.

They had slung a chain around the other tree as part of the safety measures.
When the limb fell, it got caught on the other tree.

The guy in the cherry picker is trying to get it loose.

It looks like it’s loose, but the chain is caught.

They’re trying to lower it.

They’re trying to reach up and grab it.

The cherry picker guy had decided to just come on down and help.

But he got stuck where he was because the truck’s idle was too slow and the engine stopped, cutting power to the mechanism that controls the bucket.

Ok, powered back up. Now let’s get this thing unstuck.

Thinking this one out…

Everybody pull!!

Here it comes!

It doesn’t look that impressive in the photo, but there were power lines everywhere
and it was quite a trick for them to get that down.  

So how was your day?

[Update: This was too cool not to include. They’re to the point now of just chopping off logs from the trunk, one by one, to get it low enough to take the whole thing down. I captured the log when it fell:]

5 thoughts on “100

  1. wow. sorry about the loss of tree and heat. 😦

    it was better here and I went to liturgy for Ascension! Applied for 1 job and finished first draft of cover letter for another… and almost done w. first draft of resume too! 🙂 and book club tonight. whew.

    sending love to you and wish you some very cold Popsicles! 🙂


  2. Great pictures of an amazing process! It's better they come down like this than in a hurricane. If those are water oaks, they need to be down. Water oaks have a shallow root system and are very prone to fall. Here in the 'Burg, the city strongly discourages planting them.

    I had two huge pines taken out last year and one of them turned out to have significant but invisible-from-the-ground damage from Katrina.


  3. It's true that if those trees fell on that house, it would be toast. The owner of that house also owns the two next to it (not really visible in photos) and neither of those houses has trees poised to take out the roof. I'm sure they're just thinking ahead. That tree they were working on is just a stump now. It's taking two days per tree at this rate.


  4. Wow! There definitely seems to be quite an art to this… lumberjacking? That may not be the right word. Nevertheless, I totally agree about the heights thing. You'd never see me in one of those measuring cup looking things!


  5. That's amazing. We are use to cactus in our neck of the woods or desert I should say. It's was also a hundred hear but for us that's great weather for this time of year. I feel for you with the hot car thing. We are fortunate to have air in our van. If we didn't I don't think I would go many places unless it was super early or very late.


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